FarmGate MSU

FarmGate MSU will introduce a new category of red meat to the Australian market.

This new category of meat will be identified by our brand name Provenir.

Provenir guarantees consumers full provenance and traceability, and will become synonymous with highest animal welfare and excellent eating quality while allowing  farmers to move up the value chain.

Consumer Dilemma

Consumers are demanding better animal welfare, provenance and traceability in meat production, as well as enhanced meat flavour and tenderness. They want greater interaction with quality livestock producers, more options to source local meat that truly is paddock-to-plate.

Farmer Problem

A rising number of high quality livestock producers are seeking opportunities to improve the viability and financial resilience of their farming operations.

A steady decline in the number of licensed abattoirs in Australia, combined with a push towards centralisation and export has resulted in farmers needing to transport livestock longer distances for processing. This has increased costs and caused greater stress to the animals.

FarmGate MSU will add value to their products through improving animal welfare, meat quality, and direct marketing/sales to consumers resulting in true paddock-to-plate.


The Solution

FarmGate MSU will develop the missing link that exists in the current red meat supply chain, mobile on-farm processing. 

Directly addressing the farmers’ need for more accessible processing facilities and the consumers demand for high animal welfare.

  • premium quality, taste & tenderness
  • highest animal welfare
  • provenance
  • traceability
  • retain yield
  • price stability
  • access to processing
  • shorten supply chain
  • true paddock-to-plate

The Team

The FarmGate MSU team are concerned about animal welfare, food provenance, highest quality meat, connecting consumers with farmers, and allowing producers to move up the value chain.

In order to address these concerns we have come together as representatives of the entire value chain, to create a new category of meat.

Dr Phil Larwill - Vet

A vet for over 25 years, Phil is aware of the impact of livestock production systems on animal welfare. Phil is also a registered meat inspector ready to lead the MSU operations.

Deb Sonenberg - Educator

A wealth of experience in education, training and project management. Deborah is passionate about the potential for FarmGate MSU to empower and sustain regional Australia.

Jayne Newgreen - Marketer

Photography, marketing and real food are Jayne’s true passions, which she brings together here. Jayne wants to see a food system that better rewards her local farmers.

Chris Balazs - Farmer

Passionate about highest welfare farming and bringing true provenance to the consumer. Chris has a corporate background, a scientific mindset and the determination of a farmer.

Merissa Martinez - Barrister

Merissa is a lawyer with international experience resolving complex disputes. She is passionate about fine food and happy animals. 

Christopher Howe - Chef

Award winning chef with his own restaurant in provincial Victoria, Christopher is dedicated to food and changing food production systems for the better of all.

Proudly supported by

Farmer, Chefs & Industry Support

FarmGate MSU would be a real game changer for our business.

Our ultimate goal would be that our animals are
slaughtered and processed on our farm.

R & A Clark, Lamb Farmers

Mobile abattoirs make so much sense,
both from a culinary point of view,
as well as being great for animal welfare.

Guy Grossi

Start-up business set to disrupt industry with mobile slaughter unit.

Farmgate MSU won the judges and people’s choice award in front of 10 other ag-tech entrepreneurs
at the Sprout X opening pitch night in Melbourne late last week.

ABC – Rural News

Seeking Smart Investors

If you are a strategic investor with an appetite for ethical meat,  join us and open the gate to a new category of meat!